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13 Jul 2017

How To Find Your Running Technique


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Posted By Xavier P.

Good running shape plays a big role in how to safely and efficiently a runner exercises. All runners bodies are different from each other, so there is no such thing as a "same", perfect running technique. However, there are some general principles of running technique that must be understood and implemented by all those who want to take advantage of their current regime.

This is perhaps the most important aspect of a perfect running technique. Depending on the style and the length of a run, a step will lengthen or shorten and the knees will either increase in height or less and soften.Shorter distances, particularly sprints, requires the runner to increase the length of the stride, as well as driving the knee higher and further for the runner's body. long distance runners, on the other hand, wants to save as much energy as possible-they achieve this by falling knee height and the shortening of the duration of the pass.

Little attention is paid to the shoulders and arms, a primary energy source used during a run. Even experienced runners make the mistake of careless waving their arms about their body or tightening of their shoulders.To be the perfect running technique, shoulders relaxed and even on the back.

Limbs must rest on 90 corners and swing from the front of the body at the back of the body, instead of crossing each other for the chest. This removes excess strain to the heart and lets the runner propel himself forward and with more power.

The exceptions are the arms and legs, perfect running technique include the absence of tension or movement of the back, waist and head. The back remain flat and straight with as little stress as possible. the head should be and centered, with the eyes too much stress looking forward looking down adds to the neck.


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